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Find new methods, reagents and instruments validated by top publications. Increase the quality and results of your research.


Halo ingests 2.1M publications, 1M clinical trials, 1M NIH funding abstracts, and 500K conference presentations each year.


Every 30 seconds a new medical paper publishes, Halo scans them all, surfacing publications, trials, methods / high quality reagents relevant to your research.

Meet Halo

Halo, was founded by Brian Axe and Mike Uhl who each witnessed their parents lose years of quality life due to lack of access to medical advancements. Brian and Mike, long time Stanford friends, discovered their shared experience over a late night dinner together.

Upon more discussion, they realized how well suited their backgrounds we’re to help accelerate the discovery of medical advancements. Brian, an early Googler who launched and grew Google AdSense to a $2B business via the power of machine scale and machine learning first hand. Mike, a McKinsey partner spent his entire career helping commercial organizations discover and implement data-driven insights.

They decided at that moment to set out to make a difference. Since that fateful dinner, they purpose-build a "Google meets McKinsey" team which includes 6 data/medical PhDs (Stanford, Yale, MIT, Duke, Cambridge, etc) on a mission to accelerate the discovery of medical advancements and are working with a handful of life science companies at the forefront of the medical science frontier.

Halo Team

68 Willow Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025