Location: Menlo Park, CA

Halo derives insights from complex data to enable health-tech enterprise customers to accelerate medical advancements. A small team of 8 operating in stealth mode, located in Menlo Park near Caltrain, has been cash flow positive the last 12 months demonstrating the market power of a vertical / machine learning focus.

Our CEO was the product cofounder of Google AdSense ($0-2B in annual revenue in 4 years), then helped two entrepreneurs start venture backed data science / machine learning companies and has now started Halo. Halo hires smart creatives for all positions including the following backend / data engineering role.

Backend / Data Engineer

Backend-engineer requirements

Our backend engineers build and manage the APIs that power our web application. They work with product owners and other engineers to translate product requirements to working code. They are quick to adapt to changing requirements and are able to scale from prototype code to production code.

  • Experience designing and developing REST APIs for web-services
  • Experience architecting high reliability, low latency applications
  • Proficiency in SQL and C-like languages with a focus on web-development (e.g. Java, Go)
  • Experience provisioning & instrumenting applications on cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku)
  • Ability to work in collaboration with product owners and other engineers
  • 3-10+ years of experience coding outside of academia

Additional preferences:

  • Experience with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery solutions
  • Experience setting up cloud infrastructure (database, logs, security, containers, etc)
  • Experience developing micro-services and micro-service infrastructure

Data-engineer requirements

  • Implementing / applying data-science / machine learning algorithms
  • Experience with big-data infrastructure (e.g. Spark, Hadoop)
  • Experience automating data workflows with Airflow, Luigi or similar workflow engines
  • 3-10+ years of experience coding outside of academia

Data Strategist

Our data strategist work with Halo data scientist and the Halo platform to derive and deliver insights to enable health-tech enterprise customers to accelerate medical advancements. Each day brings a large variety of work ranging from C-suite presentation to translating field requirements to product and engineering teams.

Data strategist requirements

  • Experience working with life science clients to solve critical business problems with high impact results
  • Experience running client facing projects and leading training sessions
  • Experience presenting results and ROI analysis to audiences ranging from business-line owners to C-suite executives
  • 2-3 years of strategic consulting or equivalent client experience